Our Farewell to MMXV

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WCB MMXV Farewell is 13 curated songs,
and 13 links to interesting, funny and enlightening articles or videos related to each song title.
Click here, on any song title to access the playlist on Spotify.

They also illustrate some of our obsessions and inspirations from various fields and disciplines.


1. American Dream – Artist: Miami Horror 

[Article] Should I stay (in Europe) or should I go (to the US)… the eternal debate. We think if you can make it there (in Europe), you’ll make it anywhere
Read Tom Valentines, CEO of Secret Escapes insights continue »

2. Another rise, Another Fall – Artist: Miami Horror


[Article] Why a feature is not a competitive advantage and what led to the death of Mailbox.
read Casy Newton’s paper in the Verge continue »



3. Holidays – Artist: Miami Horror feat. Alan Palomo

b4mjtqitr6k4oyduuzjc_d3cc85e1c476496e9485f45bf3a60c8c[Video] hint: it’s about unicorns and it’s not serious continue »



4. Get on – Artist: Madeon & Kyan

[Article] Why you actually need to get “off”, regain focus and commit to deep work. Read this post to understand how continue »



5. King & Cross – Artist: Asgeir

epjlrudiq5sb9z0uk04q_5a853d2ead6d4cb194f3946cf84c6833[Art] What happened to the last remaining Kodak Aerochrome infrared film in existence
continue »


6. New Day – Artist: Anouk

[Report] “Getting our ecosystem to produce a greater number of scale-ups is more ambitious and challenging than producing a greater number of start-ups or celebrating entrepreneurs”. All is said here by @sherrycoutu. continue


7. Future People – Artist: Alabama Shakes

wet2ybaardinvlmhfi0z_5acdf683f1974ceab015f519b1f2db57[Article] Stronger than IQ and physical fitness? What is a stronger predictor of graduating from high school, reaching the final rounds of the National Spelling Bee, remaining in the US Special Forces  (and probably scaling successfully?) continue »

8. Younger – Artist Seynabo Sey

k2taxwjs4qkifrjegtjq_f72b00d324474eeaab6a58037960513b[Video] In 1987, Apple produced a jokey concept video showing their vision of what the future would look like in 1997. Some of their predictions were accurate for the future (just not 1997) continue »


9. Do it – Artist: Tuxedo

7o4z7v8fsnwmgtsyz3en_2598ff6a1cbb4e4db5f0594515b71cef[Article] Why organisations with a strong strategy-culture alignment have higher profitability than peers with little strategy-culture alignment continue »

10. No diggity – Artist Typh Barrow

dta8tnetqmmlrccttehj_8c1d2dd66df04c8bbaa15db4759a47cf[Article] How platform coops can beat Death Stars like Uber (and why blockchain is interesting beyond fintech IMHO) continue »



11. Daddy Cool – Artist: Placebo

lcyihpqqcs6tbctycv0g_875571655fb8467a90a386cbd1237a62[Video] Ricardo Semler’s keynote at MIT/Sloan School of Management… on why it’s difficult to innovate and disrupt from insidecontinue »


12. Bright Future – Artist: Louis la Roche

76vxefvur3oim1esus1q_3ff715e3eb1f4148a7ca5036cf8c6dea[Article] What positive psychology can teach you about employee engagement and team productivity, and why you should incentivise these behaviours continue »

13.  Lose yourself to dance: Artist: Daft Punk feat.Pharell Williams

46yc8x1kregycpwfzyzf_b4259a88346c43d3a7e2ad0fe3619514[Links] Boing Boing ‘s 2015 Charitable Giving Guide. We have already made our donations, maybe you can give too…  continue »


See you in MMXVI